hello PrimeSource launches pair of new T&O products - Statewide Turf Equipment
Prime Source, a division of Albaugh, LLC, announced the launch of two new products: Oxem 4ME Select fungicide and Hexamite 1AQ Select miticide. Both products have received EPA registration and will be available for purchase this fall.

Oxem 4ME Select is a concentrated, microemulsion formulation containing metalaxyl-M (mefenoxam) for the systemic control of diseases on turf, including golf courses and residential lawns, as well as in ornamental sites. Oxem 4ME Select controls include Pythium blight, Pythium damping-off and yellow tuft (downy mildew) in turf.

Hexamite 1AQ Select contains the miticide hexythiazox for the control of many species of plant parasitic mites through activity on eggs and immature stages. Control is achieved from either direct contact with the spray or from contact with treated plant surfaces. Through its ovicidal activity, Hexamite 1AQ Select controls newly deposited mite eggs and eggs which are laid after application. Hexamite 1AQ Select is also highly effective in controlling immature motile stages of target mite species that are sprayed or move onto treated surfaces.

“With the addition of Oxem 4ME Select and Hexamite 1AQ Select, Prime Source expands our ability to offer T&O professionals dependable, cost-effective new formulations of pest control products that deliver the results they demand,” said Price Source and Albaugh Specialty director of business development Russ Mitchell. “These two new products not only show our commitment to Prime Source customers, but each also brings added value to one of the broadest and most diverse T&O portfolios in the industry.”

As with the full Prime Source portfolio of branded products, Oxem 4ME Select (EPA Reg. No. 42750-392-89442) and Hexamite 1AQ Select (EPA Reg. No. 89442-59) will be available exclusively through the Prime Source distribution network.]]>