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David Jones takes the “look good, play good” mentality literally.  

 The superintendent at Indian Springs Country Club in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, has played every golf course in Sooner State and is known for his brightly colored and unique outfit choices while doing it.

“It kind of started with my grandfather in Minnesota,” Jones says. “We would play golf and he would always wear extravagant clothing and everything, even when he wasn’t playing golf. I got some hand-me-downs from him and that was where it started.”

At the start of David’s fashion journey almost two decades ago, he had to get a little more creative chasing down his looks.  “I would go to eBay or thrift stores to try to find some of the older clothing that was bright colors and everything but now everybody seems to be selling them so it’s great,” he says.

Making it easier to shop may come at a cost of closet space in his home, though, something him and his wife, Erin, can agree on.

“I always blame her because she kind of started this, too,” Jones says. “Any time I would have a birthday or for Christmas, she would buy me some Loudmouth pants or whatever. She doesn’t do it anymore because I’ve actually probably got two closets full of stuff compared to her half a closet so it’s pretty bad.”

“I was working at home during the pandemic and packages just kept arriving like every single day,” Erin Jones says. “I remember saying to him like, ‘When is enough, enough? You’re already busting out of our closet, our garage is full of shoes.’” Erin compares her husband to Imelda Marcos, a Filipina politician who left behind over 2,700 pairs of shoes when she passed.

Despite maybe losing some closet space of her own, Erin is fully supportive when his wardrobe gets recognition from fellow golfers.

“I think it’s funny, like I really think it’s funny,” she says. “So, I will offer to take a picture, like have that person be in a picture with David. I think the first time I saw that was when we were at the PGA Championship here in Tulsa at Southern Hills, and I cannot tell you when we walked over to the merchandise tent and back, the number of people that stopped him.

“There was one guy that stopped him and said, ‘Hey, you’re David Jones it’s so nice to meet you, I follow you on Twitter.’ People get really amped by it,” she says.

Jones has more than 2,100 followers on Twitter, where he will post his outfits, dogs, and daily superintendent duties on his @GolfsoupJones account. He recently shared his experience at The Open Championship at St. Andrews.

“I just got back from the Open and there were several times when people even took my picture because my outfit and they just wanted a picture to show friends and family or whoever,” he says. “My wife, it kind of embarrasses her because about every 20 or 30 people will say, “Hey, nice outfit!” or “Nice colors!” so it’s kinda fun.”

But fun is what it’s all about for Jones.

“I just kinda like to be different,” he says. “I hate seeing guys that are just wearing the normal, you know, bland colors. That used to be me when I was in high school and everything and I was like, ‘You know what, I just want to be different,’ so I started doing that.”

Although Jones may not wear candy corn pants and a neon orange top when he shows up for work or just lounging around the house, he does still find small ways to make his everyday wear unique.

“I still kind of wear bright colors, not quite as extravagant as I do when I’m playing golf,” Jones says. “When I’m at home, it’s usually just shorts and a T shirt. I’m trying to be comfortable.”

“We were at a wedding … he actually wore this floral button-up shirt and I saw when he went to the food table, you know everybody was commenting on his shirt,” Erin says. “But he looked really good! He was wearing a plain pair of trousers and then this florally shirt. It was really fun.”

For those also willing to be bold and express themselves through their clothing, Jones says you shouldn’t be afraid to match everything.

“I would like to see more people match more stuff instead of just wearing a crazy shirt or whatever,” he says. “Accessorize and you know, make everything match, really stand out because you’ll be amazed at how many comments – and it makes you feel good too. To me, it makes me play better.”

Although Jones might not come close to 2,700 pairs of shoes (or maybe he will?), you can’t put a number on style. 

“I want to be unique and that’s why I do it, to kind of stand out a little bit I guess,” he says. “You could probably call it a sickness, but I like to call it a passion.”

Cassidy Gladieux is a Kent State University senior and frequent Golf Course Industry contributor.