has further expanded its plant health scope, hiring Dr. Ploy Kurdmongkoltham, a
plant pathologist and microbiologist to specialize in tree pests and diseases.

has significant experience working on row crop pests and diseases, as well as
foodborne pathogens. Her experience in extension work includes leading and
coordinating Florida First Detector workshops, and teaching growers, master gardeners
and the public on identifying tree pests and diseases.

“Her work will be hands on, including training and conducting
educational webinars,” Arborjet director of research and development Joe
Doccola said. “She will be working to identify and isolate pure cultures of
fungal and bacterial plant pathogens, and conduct in-vitro efficacy trials
along with other in-house entomology studies.”

“Being in the lab is a second home to me,” said Kurdmongkoltham, who
earned her M.S. in plant biology from Jacksonville State University and a
degree in the doctor of plant medicine program from the University of Florida. “I
am excited to be working with the entomologists at Arborjet to hopefully aid in
discoveries that will help their arborists and regional training managers
preserve urban forests, by eradicating invasive species and diseases across the